Live Your Life
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Our Focus
Live Your Life's focus is two-fold:
  1. Leadership and Team Development, and
  2. Career Development and Career Transition.
We provide these services through Speaking at Conferences and Professional Meetings; Facilitating on site interactive Workshops and Coaching Teams and Individuals on business and career-related issues.

We specialize in Staff and Self Development and we link learning and developmental activities to your firm's strategic business plan and initiatives. We work with Fortune 1000 firms as well as small to medium-sized businesses. And we work with individuals to help them find focus and get In Action from inaction.

We offer:
  • Leadership and Team Development Coaching and Facilitation of Workshops
    We work on real projects on site at corporations, companies and non-profits by either coaching the team or team leader and we also conduct workshops that help team members be more effective interacting with each other, with stakeholders and peers. We transition individual contributors to supervisory or managerial roles and we work with teams experiencing change due to transition or merger.

  • Career Development or Career Transition Coaching
    With all the changes afoot in major corporations and smaller organizations, associates who continuously learn land firmly on their feet. For those transitioning, group or individual coaching will help them explore their values, identify job skills and trends in their field and update their resume and cover letters for e-recruiting. The outcome is to get In Action with an Action Plan instead of inaction. The coach offers both group and individual coaching.

  • Organizational Development Consulting
    The introduction of new clients, new products or new markets creates an opportunity to re-invent work processes, company focus and new core competencies. We provide consulting support through change or retooling of processes.

  • Public Speaking
    We speak at annual or regional conferences in addition to conducting mini-workshops on topics related to business development, communication skills, team building and leadership.

  • Editing Services
    We will write, edit or proofread your employee communication tools such as memos, company publications.
Contact us today to discuss our services and how you can benefit from working with us!

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