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Donna Coulson's 2012 Trend Report
  1. HIRING. 2012 was weaker than 2011 for hiring professionals and executives. Blame it on Presidential Election anxiety. We had 8 HR placements compared to our 21 last year. This means you must really DISTINGUISH yourself from your 400 competitors. How are you different in adding insight and value?
  2. Women in Global Work.. Unusual in the Middle East and yet two colleagues broke the gender barriers—one in Project Management and the other in Leadership in Dubai. My global coaching work is mostly virtual—no travel. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada and South America actively engage in coaching and leadership.
  3. Year 2 Baby Boomers Hit 65 and Move On.. Our walking club and our HR groups are beginning to see significant movement of colleagues to the South, New England or the Southwest. Many are still working—in consulting or coaching roles WITH large corporations not IN them! Boomers like cities or communities with nature trails, universities, theater and interesting activities.
  4. Bombastic Hurricane Sandy.: The Jersey Shore was decimated Oct 29th by severe winds and tsunami-like ocean surges. If you missed the pictures on FB, the Boardwalks of most shore towns are gone as well as mega houses that went into the sea in Mantoloking, Sea Bright and Bay Head. Gas and water pipes were torn asunder when the houses blew out to sea and Shoreliners had 5 or 6’ of water in their homes—not from rain, from those surges. More than 2.8M were without power from 2 to 13 days and $2.6B in damages were sustained. I predict your Homeowner insurance and utility rates will soar in 2013 to cover losses.
  5. Integrative Healthcare.. I’m pleased to share that Dr. Adam Perlman, my associate at UMDNJ, is now @ Duke University Integrative Health. He has PhD and ICF-certified coaches on board working with lifestyle issues and wellness. These alternative modalities require proof of effectiveness with the National Institute of Health and my colleagues have worked hard on the medical evidence.

This leads me to share that we will be changing our work base from the Jersey Shore to the NC Coast in 2013. I will be working with clients in both NJ and NC. You can reach me at or My husband visions a golf cart repair biz for when our communities grow—the means of transportation. Our new community has a Golden Audubon trail planned and 27 holes of golf at completion.


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