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The Business of Coaching
Coaching is a business service provided by experienced and trained coaches. The focus is on helping Leaders, Executives, Managers, Teams and Individuals deal with business issues that impact running a successful, effective business.

The International Coaching Federation's certification process is accepted worldwide and requires formal schooling: 125 hours for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and 200 hours for the Master Certified Coach (MCC). In addition the PCC must document at least 750 hours of coaching and the MCC 2500 hours of documented coaching. Whether you work with Donna Coulson & Associates or not, please ask potential coaches for evidence of their training and experience in advance. Coach Inc has graduated more than 11,000 coaches-and this is one of many authorized coaching schools.

Donna earned her PCC credential in 2004 and her coaching colleagues either have their credentials or are in the process of attaining certification. We want You, the Client, and the Coach to be compatible and to work together easily. We may ask you to interview three coaches to determine which coach will best meet your needs. It's about Y-O-U, not us as coaches.

What Do People Use Coaches for?

We deal with successful individuals--that's coaching--not individuals with performance issues. That's work-related counseling and your Manager or HR does that. We do coach the Manager who needs to coach team members about performance, meeting goals or stretching to the next level.
  • Leadership & Teams: We coach on issues of leadership: creating and articulating a clear vision, being impactful at speaking, directing, providing direction and dealing with team dynamics.
  • Career Change: We work with individuals or small groups who are experiencing career change due to merger and acquisition or a Reduction in Force. The focus is on how to market yourself, identify your skills that you want to use, upgrading your technology skills and getting In Action from the inaction that results from Career Shock. Our coaching is focused to help you identify your Core Values, the Skills you want to use, what the Market Trends are in your field and how you can best Target Yourself to land a job or new career.
We'll work with you virtually (by phone) or live in person. We schedule sessions from half an hour a week or an hour every other week. And we "Shadow Coach" - follow you and observe you as a leader at work, providing feedback privately. We'll work out a coaching schedule that works for you.

Contact us today to discuss our coaching programs and and how coaching can help YOU start living your life!

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