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Learning Styles Inventory
WHEN YOU: Do you: Do you: Do you:
SPELL Try to see the word Sound out the word Write down the word to find if it "feels" OK
HAVE FREE TIME Prefer to watch TV, read or see a play Prefer to listen to the radio or play CD's Prefer to play sports/games
TRY TO UNDERSTAND SOMEONE'S MOOD Primarily look at their facial expression Listen to their tone of voice Watch their body movements
LEARN Like to see demonstrations, diagrams, slides, posters Like verbal instructions, talks, lectures Prefer direct involvement, learning through activities, role plays
ARE ACTIVE Look around, watch something Talk to yourself or other people Fidget
Count your Totals: ________________ ________________ ________________

Instructions: for each of the "When You" items above, select your preference from the three choices provided. Then tally up your "score", giving yourself 1 point for each item you chose.

(Adapted from Accelerated Learning by Colin Rose)

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