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People in Your Life: DiSC Assessments
Do your team dynamics or personal life relationships challenge you? Everyone has different preferences in terms of taking in information, dealing with others and they vary in communication style and pace. Live Your Life offers a brief 4-page DiSC report for you D types and a 24-pager which describes all the types for you C types. If you're interested, contact Donna and she will set you up to take the DiSC.


  • Fast pace
  • To-the-point Communicator
  • Likes results--now
  • Fears losing control or being taken advantage of
  • Direct, Forceful, Decisive
  • Many executives are this type. Kids can be this way too
  • Selling ideas: Stress the result and bottom line
  • Downfall: perceived as too dominant, rigid, commanding; feared by non-assertive types
  • Fast pace
  • Very talkative. Enthusiastic, self-promoting, sociable
  • Gets along with all the styles most easily of all 4 types
  • Fears rejection, loss of approval
  • Not afraid to speak before groups--good for teams
  • Loves involvement with other people; seeks recognition
  • Selling ideas to them: Stress the appeal to people
  • Downfall: Talks too much, has a good time, lose focus, misses deadlines if not focused on task, results
  • Slower pace
  • Patient, predictable communicator, inclusive, cooperative
  • Stable. Very predictable behavior; people worry when they get upset
  • Makes a great team leader; aware of others' lack of participation and brings them in
  • Likes security and stability, not chaos
  • Fears sudden change, loss of security
  • Selling ideas: Stress support provided
  • Downfall: Frequently considered a "softy"
  • Slowest pace
  • Accuracy and order very important to them
  • Fears criticism of work; lack of standards
  • Loves data and facts. Very logical
  • Communicates with accuracy, conscientiously and controlled
  • Put off by strong, dominant types
  • Must be invited to speak up or will stay in background
  • Selling ideas: Stress the track record
  • Downfall: Often suffers from Analysis Paralysis

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